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The true beauty of the beauty industry is that it is constantly evolving and adapting. As we learn more from one another and implement those discoveries into our routines, many of us are either adding to or transforming completely to follow those trending practices from around the world. One region that has finally begun to dominate the mainstream beauty world while educating the West on the many benefits of a 10-step skincare routine and more, is Korean Beauty, or K-Beauty. Amidst the practice of K-Beauty, one particular step we are completely in agreement with is the implementation of an essence. Not to be confused with a toner, this prep step prepares your skin for maximum efficacy of those formulations or steps that follow. An essence by nature allows for your skin to better absorb and benefit from the skincare you apply after pressing its thirst-quenching benefits into the skin. As we continue to keep our hand on the pulse of beauty innovation, we at SKINN® found it necessary to re-formulate our Non-Negotiables® Enriched Softening Essence+ into the powerhouse it is today. The bigger and better than ever, Non-Negotiables® Pitahaya Essence is both an ideal prebiotic and electrolyte treatment for your skin. 

Our lightweight yet powerful essence is formulated with 47% Coconut Water! Intentionally designed for fast absorption and delivery, this latest version delivers optimal hydration, amino acids, and antioxidants deep into the skin. And starring as the superfruit, Pitahaya, better known as Dragon Fruit is added as an ideal prebiotic to support your skin’s microbiome, improving barrier function. Papaya and Pineapple Fruit Enzymes are also added as unique ingredients to help break down hardened and often discolored keratin caused by protein build-up. Without the worry of photosensitivity, these two provide gentle yet effective enzymatic exfoliation. Think of this essence as the perfect primer that’s not only prepping your skin but helping to protect against environmental aggressors while also providing multiple anti-aging benefits. 

Why Use an Essence?

When used after your cleansing step and before your treatments, the Non-Negotiables® Pitahaya Essence provides a much needed boost of electrolyte-loaded hydration that accelerates the delivery, absorption, and effectiveness of all treatments applied thereafter. Unlike other essence products currently on the market, this formulation doesn’t utilize your standard H2O as its core hydration. Think of this essence like a Gatorade for your skin, but better as this hydration drink offers not only the best form of electrolytes but also antioxidants and a powerful superfruit prebiotic to promote balance within your skin’s microbiome. To understand this essence further, consider that the Pitahaya Essence has similar benefits to a serum. However, given its lower molecular weight, it can penetrate deeper into your skin when compared to most creams and serums.

The Benefits You Can Expect

  • Preps skin for maximum efficacy of skincare regimen.
  • Prebiotic that supports skin's microbiome + barrier function.
  • Optimizes skin hydration with electrolytes.
  • Breaks down keratin build-up.  
  • Enhances skin radiance.
  • Protects against environmental aggressors.  
  • Rich in cytokinins that help reduce the rate of dermal aging.
  • Enzymatic exfoliation minimizing associated photosensitivity.

Key Ingredients

  • Pitahaya (Dragon Fruit) Extract
  • 47% Coconut Water (Rich in Electrolyte Minerals: Potassium, Sodium, Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Zinc)
  • Papaya + Pineapple Fruit Enzymes  
  • Hyaluronic Acid

How to Use

The correct application is crucial to achieving the efficacy of the Pitahaya Essence. This means, no cotton pads but rather, applying the essence directly to your hands. After your cleansing step and before treatment, shake the product into the palm of your hands and gently press it into the skin. Apply all over face + décolleté. You can use this product both in your morning and evening routine.

Beauty Editor Hack: Because Pitahaya (Dragon Fruit) is known for its soothing abilities and Coconut Water is known for its intense hydration, this is a great step to implement after a day at the beach or under the sun to help calm and restore balance to the skin.

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