Clinically Proven: The Firming Eye Treatment You Must Have


Aging gracefully is arguably something we all want to strive towards and achieve. Although a very natural process, one of the first areas to reveal one’s age is the eye area – impacting both your appearance and often, self-esteem. While we are all about embracing aging, we also know that as you age your skin requires additional support for it to optimally function. That support often comes in the form of an ideal skincare routine. Understanding the needs of your skin and specifically the delicate eye area is the first step in promoting skin health, which in turn reveals itself visually.

Identifying your goals and matching them to key actives, is the first step. This requires a general understanding of the most relevant active ingredients available on the market to best reach your targeted results. Doing so will help identify which eye products are ideal for you and your individual needs. Once this is determined you will want to incorporate that product or products into your daily AM + PM skincare routine. To cut through all the clutter and endless options for eye treatments, we like to recommend starting with those ingredients and/or products that are backed by scientific data and ideally a clinical study.

The Divine Elixir Luminous Skin Eye Oil is just that. Being proven by both a clinical and consumer group study, this smart oil is clinically proven to firm skin while improving elasticity and texture. This multifunctional treatment helps protect against Blue Light Damage and other harmful UV rays, which is essential in today’s technology-driven lifestyle. Count on this fast-absorbing oil to not impede on your eye makeup as it works to brighten and boost your eye area, while also supporting your skin’s microbiome.

As part of the Divine Elixir Luminous Line, this eye oil is equally powered by Manuka Honey + Vitamin C. Delivering a sensory experience as it gently cools tired stressed eyes, you can expect the following from this customer favorite:

  • Clinically Proven to Firm Skin
  • Clinically Proven to Improve Elasticity
  • Improves Skin Texture + Smoothness
  • Reduces Fine Lines + Wrinkles
  • Brightens + Boosts Luminosity
  • Supports Skin's Barrier Function
  • Improves Skin’s Microbiome
  • Moisturizes + Nourishes
  • Cools + Soothes
  • Protects Against Blue Light Damage

What makes this eye treatment so distinctive and effective is its Patented Firming Complex. This lab-engineered complex is carefully sourced from clean, botanical actives, and designed to deliver the ideal healthy lipid profile to the skin’s surface. In an ideal scenario, healthy skin can produce many different lipid components including wax esters, sterol esters, triglycerides, squalene, and sterols all in a perfect balance. This balance changes as we age. The Patented Firming Complex is formulated to deliver these necessary lipid components in an ideal balance to help restore youthful-looking skin.

To further prove the abilities of the Divine Elixir Luminous Skin Eye Oil, we conducted a 4-week clinical and consumer group study to prove its effectiveness. Here are the results confirming what you can expect from this clinically proven formula after just 4-weeks of use, twice daily:

  • In a clinical study, 75.86% of participants noticed a significant improvement in firmness, elasticity, fine lines + wrinkles around the eye area.
  • In a consumer group study, 86.21% of participants experienced a visible improvement in the smoothness of their skin.
  • In a consumer group study, 96.55% of participants agreed their skin felt soothed.

Unfortunately, we cannot stop the signs of aging; however, we can embrace it and implement steps in our routine and daily life to help mitigate the negative effects. Starting with protecting the most delicate and revealing area on your face: your eye area.

How to use the Divine Elixir Luminous Skin Eye Oil:

  • Use AM+ PM
  • Apply directly to the orbital bone and under-eye areas.
  • Gently press eye oil into the skin using the ring finger, massaging until absorbed.

Beauty Editor Hack: you can also blend this eye oil with your preferred eye cream, serum, or concealer.

Discover the Divine Elixir Luminous Skin Eye Oil and the entirety of the Divine Elixir Collection to further your skincare goals of better, healthier, and younger-looking skin.

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Luminous Firming Cream
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SKINN Luminous Firming Cream
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SKINN Luminous Firming Cream
SKINN Luminous Firming Cream


Luminous Firming Cream


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