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6 "Non-Negotiables" to Achieve Healthy Skin Regardless of Age or Skin Type

For those of you new to SKINN, founded in 2002, we are an award-winning, global skincare and cosmetics company that develops targeted skincare solutions straight from our lab in Los Angeles.

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How to Firm, Smooth and Brighten Tired Eyes

If you are anything like most people these days, you’ve been spending a lot of time staring at a computer, phone, or TV screen and creating a lot of stress on not just your eyes, but the delicate skin around it.

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How to Resurface + Renew Skin with the 7 Day Soak

Looking to reset, resurface, and regenerate your skin? Now is the perfect time to try our founder, Dimitri’s 7 Day Soak. If you tune in to watch Dimitri during his HSN shows, then you’ve most likely heard him speak about his secret to glowing skin.

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