Why You Should Be Using Clinical-Grade Products


It’s one thing to keep a consistent skincare routine, however, maintaining an effective routine that adheres to your skincare goals is far more pertinent than just having skincare products sitting on your vanity. There are many ways to go about incorporating the right formulas for your skin needs that will aid in the maintenance of your overall goals. This is how Lab Insider™ came to fruition with active ingredients formulated at proven percentages to provide you with at-home solutions for your targeted concerns. With this, the addition of clinical-grade products in your skincare system is essential, given you are equipped with the knowledge of ingredient benefits, effective percentages, and what targeted concern you’re after. To uphold transparency in our product lineup, we have incorporated Active Clinical Complexes in each treatment, so that you can be aware of what exactly is going on your skin and at what proven percentage.

What is an Active Clinical Complex?

Simply put, this is our way of showcasing the complex of unique, effective, and active ingredients that make each product work and provide clinical results. By creating these complexes, the clarity of how these clinical-grade solutions actively utilize proven ingredient percentages with validated concentrated blends of the latest skincare advancements.

Lab Insider™ 30-Day Eye Boot Camp™

Our latest innovation that supports transparent clinical-grade products is our 30-Day Eye Boot Camp™ — the three-step AM and PM system that is clinically proven to lift, firm, reduce the appearance of dark circles, puffiness, and dark circles in just 30 days. To validate, here is a breakdown of each product's Active Clinical Complexes and what each active ingredient is proven to do:

AM Serum: 23% Active Clinical Complexes


  • Shown to instantly tighten


  • Clinically proven to depuff and shown to increase microcirculation 


  • Clinically proven to reduce the appearance of dark circles 
  • Shown to protect against blue light damage 
  • Shown to protect against environmental aggressors 

PM Serum: 13.5% Active Clinical Complexes

Bio Honey Acids

  • Shown to help accelerate cell turnover
  • Reinforces skin barrier function

Wild Rosella Extract

  • Helps retain optimal moisture levels 
  • Clinically proven to lock in moisture for up to 72 hours after application 

Green Microalgae Extract

  • Clinically proven to firm
  • Clinically proven to improve the appearance of an eye lift 

AM|PM Cream: 11% Active Clinical Complexes

Patented Firming Complex

  • Shown to deliver the healthy lipid profile of youth 
  • Shown to improve barrier and moisturize 

Botanical Bacterial Ferment

  • Clinically proven to reduce dark circles
  • Clinically proven to reduce sagginess

Spanish Lavender Extract 

  • Clinically proven to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Shown to provide injection-like effect for up to 24 hours

The Before + After Results

We conducted a Clinical Perception Study to validate the visible results of the 30-Day Eye Boot Camp™. During this study, 96.6% of participants noticed a visible reduction in wrinkles and puffiness around the eyes. 96.6% of participants also experienced a visible improvement in the firmness and moisturization of skin around the eyes. Furthermore, 100% of participants noticed a visible improvement in the brightness of the skin around the eye area. 

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30-Day Eye Boot Camp™
30-Day Eye Boot Camp™
30-Day Eye Boot Camp™
30-Day Eye Boot Camp™
30-Day Eye Boot Camp™
30-Day Eye Boot Camp™
30-Day Eye Boot Camp™
30-Day Eye Boot Camp™
30-Day Eye Boot Camp™
30-Day Eye Boot Camp™
30-Day Eye Boot Camp™


30-Day Eye Boot Camp™


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