Why You Need to Reserve a Permanent Spot for Ayurveda In Your Beauty Ritual


Much like the continuously evolving enhancements to beauty routines, making them a ritual that often now includes the lifestyle blend of your health, wellness, and skincare lineup, SKINN too is taking a conscious approach to align our product innovation with what’s proven and trending in the world of self-care. We believe skincare starts with self-care and to best understand the balance our mind and body need to truly live in harmony with our skin, we must first understand what promotes balance in our lives. And for us, that often involves peace of mind with what we put on our skin and the whole benefits offered to our complete self. For this reason, it only makes sense we begin the conversation with a practice that defines this approach, the practice of Ayurveda.

What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda, or The Science of Life, is considered to be the oldest healing science and has been used for over 3000 years across ancient cultures in India, the Middle East, and North Africa. This practice of a natural healing system emphasizes both prevention and maintenance of health through balance.

Balance is an important principle in Ayurveda; and this science teaches that each person is comprised of a unique lifestyle, genetic characteristics, and a particular pattern of energy. With this, many external and internal factors can be reflected on our wellness and either disturb our balance or keep it in harmony. Maintaining an Ayurvedic lifestyle begins with your mind, body, spirit, and utilizing the right complementary products into your self-care routine is essential.

Now that you have become acquainted with the practice of Ayurveda, let us talk about how you can easily introduce this science of life, focusing on balance, to your beauty routine, and most importantly, your skin. The Divine Elixir Ayurvedic Blend Facial Oil’s origin allows you to quickly ascertain the power of this proven clean beauty formula. Its holistic approach promotes a state of balance that visually reveals itself as stress-free, ageless skin.    

Divine Elixir Ayurvedic Blend Facial Oil

This multi-functional smart oil helps to proactively strengthen and defend skin from the visible effects of stress-induced by blending modern-day lab fresh actives with proven Ayurvedic ingredients. Ashwagandha, the highly revered herb from Ayurveda known for its adaptogenic and anti-aging properties that support the body’s ability to withstand stress and anxiety, combines with hero ingredient Cannabis Sativa to soothe, calm, and moisturize the skin. These naturally derived actives are holistically proven to reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles, boost natural collagen production, and help restore skin's barrier function by instantly moisturizing and preventing future moisture loss. Wild Gooseberry Extract and Bisabolol synergize to provide another layer of support, soothing, calming, and neutralizing skin's tone for an even look and feel. This antioxidant and nutrient-dense elixir combat the damaging effects of free radicals with its smart oil blend of Argan, Kendi, Prickly Pear, and Sunflower Oils. This oil is fast-absorbing and acting, to leave skin soothed, balanced, and youthfully tranquil.

What is Ashwagandha?

Touted as the most important ancient medicinal herb in the practice of Ayurveda, Ashwagandha has often been viewed as a mind and body healer. Ashwagandha is considered an adaptogen which means it helps the body manage internal and external forms of stress. With an emphasis on prevention and maintenance, Ashwagandha helps decrease the markers of inflammation on the skin, consequently reducing the appearance of the visible signs of distressed skin. This powerful root is widely recognized as an antioxidant that prevents oxidative stress and cell breakdown.

This brief introduction to Ayurveda and our Divine Elixir Ayurvedic Blend Facial Oil will help you further curate your ideal skincare routine, and how you want to incorporate Ayurveda into your day. For this facial oil, the ideal application is twice a day during your morning and evening routine. All you need is 2-3 drops on clean skin and gently press and massage into the skin. As a pro tip, you can also mix this oil with your favorite serum, moisturizer, or foundation for a moisturizing, soothing effect.

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Ayurvedic Blend Facial Oil
Ayurvedic Blend Facial Oil
Ayurvedic Blend Facial Oil
Ayurvedic Blend Facial Oil
Ayurvedic Blend Facial Oil
Ayurvedic Blend Facial Oil


Ayurvedic Blend Facial Oil


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