Welcome to The Lab Report™ 

Welcome to The Lab Report, developed as your inside source with access to the latest innovations in skincare science, product education, industry insights, and SKINN launches and discoveries direct from our research + development lab.  

In the same way we deliver lab fresh formulations straight to your door from our LA-based R+D Lab, we'll report directly to your inbox. 

For those of you new to SKINN, we are an award-winning, global skincare and cosmetics company founded in 2002, and known for our lab fresh, professional skincare solutions. All formulations are developed by our R+D Team that focuses on the advancements in skincare science and operates from our on-site OTC Registered Lab and manufacturing center.

Here are 5 unique pillars you can expect each of our products to deliver on:

OTC Registered R+D Lab

Our LA headquarters has its own OTC Registered Research + Development Laboratory focusing on advancements in skincare science.

Highly Concentrated

SKINN formulations are highly concentrated—void of unnecessary water or fillers, and we share transparent ingredient decks.

Lab Fresh Formulations™

Because we own and operate our manufacturing facility within our LA offices, we can produce and fulfill small batches cost-efficiently. This means you can count on lab fresh formulations delivered straight to your door at affordable prices.

Made in Los Angeles

We are proudly made in Los Angeles, the ideal location to be at the forefront of innovation and celebrity health, wellness, and beauty trends!

No Thank You List

We develop formulations without what we like to refer to as our "No Thank You List"—those ingredients known to cause concern. We focus on clean ingredients and transparent formulations.

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