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As the days get longer and the weather gets warmer, we can affirm that Spring is here and we’re keen for the sunshine and good vibes the new season brings. With all the freshness that comes along with change, a personal reset often ensues, and with that, a reevaluation of our personal care routine.

You may be experiencing effects of seasonal change on your skin, wanting to upgrade your skincare routine, or simply find light-weight alternatives for your go-to products so we’ve curated a list of skincare swaps that are perfect for Spring! Here are a few product swaps you can implement to help you enhance your skin and keep it looking revived and youthful:

Enhance Your Routine with an Essence

Elevate your skincare with a step that enhances your overall skin hydration levels. As the weather gets warmer, we’re opting for treatments that maintain healthy skin, but perhaps provide an alternative option to some of our winter-focused hydration picks. Utilizing an essence directly after cleansing is an ideal substitute to deliver lightweight hydration with all the added benefits of an ‘electrolyte drink for the skin!’ The Non-Negotiables® Enriched Softening Essence + is loaded with young coconut water and 26 unique fruit and plant extracts to flood the skin with nature’s best hydrating ingredients. Continued application relaxes and transforms the skin, leaving it soft, supple, and prepared to maximize the effects of any skincare routine.

Beauty Editor Hack: I love to use the essence on my neck and décolletage areas too! 

Use a Body Cleansing Oil Instead of Shaving Cream 

The days are getting longer and warmer, which often means we are starting to show more skin. With that comes a renewed emphasis on the need to shave. Coming out of the ‘hairier times’ that our dear friend CV19 often welcomed, presents yet another reason to upgrade your shaving routine. Reintroduce your legs to society by implementing an oil into your shaving routine. Our Divine Elixir Luminous Skin Body Cleansing Oil is the perfect replacement for your shaving cream. This luxe body treatment is formulated with Manuka Honey and Vitamin C to help improve your skin’s barrier function, brighten, smooth, and even out texture. Post shower, your skin will be left soft supple, and with a subtle sheen.

Show Off Your Décolletage 

As we dress more seasonally appropriate, we are showing not just more legs, but also our necklines are transitioning to V-necks or more open cuts as opposed to the winter-loving turtlenecks. With this, we want to make sure we keep those delicate areas like the neck and décolletage, often the last of our skincare focus, looking ageless. The Neck Amour Leave-On Mask is the ideal treatment to help tone, moisturize, and restructure the gentle skin of the neck. Formulated with a powerful Pre + Probiotic Complex and White Truffle Extract, this mask not only works to smooth fine lines and wrinkles but also helps to restructure and contour the neck and jawline. This probiotic solution is ideal for protecting your skin’s microbiome, which is why we love to use it on not only our jawline and neck but also our décolletage! Use this treatment overnight to wake up to smoother, firmer, and healthier-looking skin.

Swap Your Body Butter for a Dry Body Oil 

Our Deep Wrinkle Protocol Crème Reverse Body Butter is an exceptional body treatment for those wintery months where skin tends to be dryer and thus requires more intense targeted moisture. As Spring begins to reveal itself so does the need to look for lighter-weight alternatives to our heavier butter. A great swap for this is the Divine Elixir Luminous Skin Dry Body Oil. While this smart oil continues to provide optimal moisture, the feel is lightweight and delivered in a far less viscous form. This dry body oil also provides a gorgeous glow with a sexy sheen to give your skin and specifically legs that perfect glow.

Reset with this Face Mask

Our new normal has been shaped by many factors and as we begin to venture more and more outside, we may start to experience the effect of external stress on our skin. Whether you’re becoming more exposed to environmental aggressors or increasing your sunblock usage, one way to de-congest your skin is to reset it with the Fruit Fusion Pore Magnet Peel-Off Mask. This oh-so-satisfying mask is powered by a combination of Brazilian Clay, Gogi Berry Extract, and Red Clover Extract to help reduce the look of enlarged pores, brighten, visibly tighten, and refine texture.

Perfect Your Pout with a Lip Treatment + Lip Balm 

Showing love to your lips, even when masked up, is essential for long-term lip care while also maintaining your lip contour, hydration, and overall appearance. If your lip balm or Chapstick isn’t doing much for you – even when you’re applying it frequently throughout the day like clockwork – it may be time to swap your lip balm with a lab-approved lip treatment. The Deep Wrinkle Protocol Age Reset Lips is the ideal option if you are looking for long-term hydration, supple lips but also an instant plumping effect, no injections needed!

Beauty Editor Hack: apply the Deep Wrinkle Protocol Age Reset Lips at night as your overnight treatment or over your favorite lipstick for an added shine that is powered with a collagen-boosting natural tripeptide and a lip plumping complex. 

With any new season, change is inevitable and with skincare, we are always finding new ways to upgrade our routine with the best practices and best ingredients. Try these Spring Swaps for healthier, ageless-looking skin and give yourself the reset you deserve!

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Enriched Softening Essence + ($32 Value)
Enriched Softening Essence + ($32 Value)
SKINN Enriched Softening Essence +
SKINN Enriched Softening Essence +
SKINN Enriched Softening Essence +


Enriched Softening Essence + ($32 Value)

The Body Collection ($70 Value)
The Body Collection ($70 Value)
SKINN The Body Collection
SKINN The Body Collection


The Body Collection ($70 Value)


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