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All lip products were not created equally, and you may be thinking: if you’ve tried one, you’ve tried them all. But what if you could have a lip treatment that instantly and naturally (no needle required) plumps, volumizes, firms, reduces the visible signs of aging, moisturizes, protects, and gives an added shine? If you’re thinking this is too good to be true, allow us to introduce you to the new Deep Wrinkle Protocol Age Reset Lips!

This energizing lip fix is the next best thing in lip care and gives you the look and feel of plumper, more volumized lips – without an expensive (and at times, risky) in-office visit involving needles and semi-permanent fillers! As part of the Deep Wrinkle Protocol Collection, you can expect a targeted lip treatment that focuses on anti-aging benefits such as reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and rejuvenating the look of your lips over time.  

The Deep Wrinkle Protocol Age Reset Lips is formulated with a unique Plumping Complex that creates an instant plump effect. The core active, HA³ offers three different molecular weights of Hyaluronic Acid: low, medium and high, which help to not only hydrate lips but also create that perfect contoured pout.

The Deep Wrinkle Protocol Age Reset Lips also utilizes Macadamia Oil which will provide intense moisture and a luxuriously rich texture that absorbs into your lips. In today’s world, protection from environmental aggressors is as important in our lip care routine as in our skincare routine – especially the friction our lips may face being under a mask all day. The Stabilized Vitamin C in this smoothing pout perfecter will help to protect against external stressors and maintain soft, beautiful lips. 

How to Use

This all-in-one lip reset is going to be your go-to product for any occasion or self-care moment.

All-Day Plump
The Deep Wrinkle Protocol Age Reset Lips is your ideal option for a quick lip plump – anywhere, any time! This treatment will instantly create the ideal pout shape after just one application.

Overnight Treatment
Because this lip treatment is packed with key actives like HA³ and Stabilized Vitamin C, applying the DWP Age Reset Lips at night will allow the product to work into your lips, leaving them fresh and revitalized in the morning. You’ll wake up to an undeniably plumper pout.

The Perfect Touch
The no-color formulation makes it the perfect addition to any lip color, along with being ideal for anyone wanting youthful lips with a touch of shine. Just swipe it across once you’ve applied your favorite lipstick or gloss and you’ve got that ideal, volumized shine! 

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SKINN Age Reset Lips
SKINN Age Reset Lips
SKINN Age Reset Lips
SKINN Age Reset Lips
SKINN Age Reset Lips
SKINN Age Reset Lips
SKINN Age Reset Lips
SKINN Age Reset Lips
SKINN Age Reset Lips


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