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As a special feature in this week’s Lab Report, we are thrilled to reveal the celebrity beauty secret behind achieving the ultimate glow. If you caught the recent David Letterman Show guest-starring the one and only Kim Kardashian, then you know what we’re talking about. As always, Kim looked stunning, but what is the secret behind her flawless glowing skin? The answer, Ash K Holm! As a well-established makeup artist who has quickly become one of the most sought-after celebrity artists, Ash creates countless looks for both the Kardashian and Jenner families as well as many other A-listers. With an Instagram and YouTube following of over 800,000, it’s no surprise she is one of the beauty industries leading influencers and educators. There’s no doubt she’s on speed dial for some of Hollywood’s most beautiful women, which is why we were honored to see Ash using our very own SKINN Divine Elixir Luminous Skin Facial Oil to recreate the makeup Kim wore during her Letterman appearance.

Watch Ash now as she walks viewers through a step by step tutorial sharing how you too can achieve Kim’s look using the Divine Elixir Luminous Skin Facial Oil as the ultimate primer (at 2:14 to be exact) to accomplish that sought-after celebrity glow!

Want to re-create Ash’s makeup? Here’s what you’ll need to get that Power Perfect, Celebrity Glow

1. Divine Elixir Luminous Skin Facial Oil
2. Scientific Color™ Power Perfect Foundation + Concealer (Find your Power Perfect Match here)
3. Scientific Color™ Foundation Brush  

1. To prep, apply 1-2 drops of the Divine Elixir Luminous Skin Facial Oil all over your face and neck. You can gently use your fingertips, or, like Ash, we recommend using a foundation brush for an effortless application.

2. Next, take your Scientific Color™ Power Perfection Foundation + Concealer in your shade match and, using the Scientific Color™ Foundation Brush, gently glide all over your skin. Using the brush’s angled flat-top design, seamlessly distribute the product across the skin for an even, flawless finish.

3. You can build coverage as desired.

4. To take your Power Perfect finish to the next level, you can use a shade lighter from our shade match to highlight under the eyes and above the cheekbone.

5. To create a more contoured finish, use 1-2 shades darker from your Power Perfect shade match to contour the top of the forehead, at the cheekbone and jawline. 

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SKINN Foundation Brush


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