A Conscious Conversation: Clean Beauty + Sustainability – Featuring Global Clean Beauty Leader Hayley (Hoffman) Peri, Founder of Dandi Day


As part of this year’s Earth Day, we at SKINN want to open the dialogue on what it means to be clean in the beauty industry, and understanding different methods to lead to sustainability.

Being clean-conscious has always been at the forefront of our brand, since our humble beginnings, as our goal is to have a clean, cruelty free mindful approach to beauty that prioritizes natural ingredients without impacting performance. In alignment with being proactive in our beauty community, we’ve tapped the conversation with Hayley (Hoffman) Peri, Global Clean Beauty Expert, Founder + CEO of Dandi Day – a Conscious Beauty Community, and SKINN’s Clean Beauty and Sustainability Advisor. 

I (virtually) sat down with Hayley for an exclusive one-on-one interview to ask her what it means to be clean, the future of sustainability and its place in the beauty industry. Watch the full interview here and gain clarity around a standardized Clean Beauty Definition to help you navigate through all of the noise.

To learn more about Hayley, follow her journey on LinkedIn and @dandihay along with Dandi Day on LinkedIn and @dandidaycommunity.

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