2022’s Biggest Skincare Trend


There seems to be a constant flow of newness in the beauty world – from innovation and new tools, to ingredients, and even new brands. It’s easy to get overwhelmed and want to implement it all into your routine. Looking ahead, the New Year is the perfect opportunity for a refresh and reset of your mind, body, spirit, and skincare. If you’re looking for the next biggest skincare trend for 2022, then look no further.

Algae Trend

Like many ingredients popping up in the skincare industry, Algae is not new and most likely it’s not the first time you’ve heard about it. However, there has recently been a lot of research and advanced discovery around the growing list of benefits that this naturally occurring ingredient offers. The practice of utilizing Algae and other seawater ingredients has been around for centuries in many parts of Europe, often referred to as Thalassotherapy. From the Greek word “Thalassa,” meaning sea or ocean, the concept takes many forms that involve this water element meant to improve overall health and well-being. Not only are there skincare benefits, but more research has shown Algae is a great part of the diet for added health benefits.

Algae Benefits

Algae is considered topically beneficial to the skin since it contains antioxidant properties that help detoxify the surface, promote cellular turnover, provide soothing effects, moisturize, and provide long-term firming. It also contains many bioactive compounds such as proteins, vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, and more. 

The Divine Elixir Firming Algae Facial Oil

If you would like to experience these many benefits firsthand, please introduce yourself to SKINN’s Divine Elixir Firming Algae Facial Oil. Not only is it the #1 product with our SKINN Family, but it is also clinically proven to firm, hydrate, and smooth skin for a healthy glow. This innovative water and oil-soluble treatment features Arctic Winged Kelp Extract, Red Algae Extract, Blue Algae Extract, Malachite Extract, and Kelp Sea Oil. With these marine Algae extracts, this bi-phase facial oil provides optimal skincare advantages that are not only Clean Beauty Approved but also sustainable. The key benefits of the Firming Algae Facial Oil include:

  • Shown to help reduce the visible signs of inflammaging
  • Clinically proven to firm skin
  • Shown to increase the visible appearance of skin volume + density
  • Clinically proven to improve elasticity
  • Shown to reduce the appearance of fine lines + wrinkles
  • Shown to accelerate skin vitality
  • Helps support natural production of collagen
  • Detoxifies skin
  • Helps protect against oxidative stress and lifestyle + environmental aggressors
  • Moisturizes, hydrates + smooths skin

Do you currently use Algae in your skincare routine? If so, you are trending. 😉  If not, get on board! Keep in touch with us on Facebook and Instagram. Continue to stay up-to-date with The Lab Report™ for more beauty trends, insights, and product launches by subscribing to our email newsletter.

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Firming Algae Facial Oil
Firming Algae Facial Oil
Firming Algae Facial Oil
Firming Algae Facial Oil
Firming Algae Facial Oil
Firming Algae Facial Oil
Firming Algae Facial Oil
Firming Algae Facial Oil
Firming Algae Facial Oil
Firming Algae Facial Oil


Firming Algae Facial Oil


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