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Here are a few recent samples of Skinn Cosmetics appearing in print. Please let us know if you’ve seen us anywhere as well!



15 Ways to support breast cancer awareness this month.
by Rachel Shatto

13. Sugar Kisses
Get smooth and supple lips and give back at the same time with Skinn’s Sugar Lip Polishing Scrub. Made with real sugar, 100 percent of the purchase price will be donated to support breast cancer awareness. ($20,


Beautiful Bargains

We know, we know… you’d choose products free of synthetic ingredients and easier on the Earth, if only they didn’t break the bank. So here’s some good news for natural beauties on a budget: Pure doesn’t have to mean pricey. We’ve tested hundreds of products to find the most effective pick for shiny hair, flawless skin and gorgeous natural make-up look–and every one of them is 14 bucks or less. Here are our frugal favorites.

Make-up must-haves,

Packed with super-moisturizing sunflower seed oil and shea butter, Skinn Cosmetics Glossticks ($13; in three subtle shades of SPF 8.


Breast Cancer Awareness Month

This October, support breast cancer education, research, and treatment with on–or more!–of these charitable fashion and beauty picks

Skinn Cosmetics Sugar Lips Polishing Scrub for Dry & Lined Lips, $20;

DONATING 100% of proceeds to Bright Pink.

MAY 2013

Beauty Workbook

CC Creams
These new color-correcting potions are a shortcut to a clear, bright complexion

Already a hit in Asia — there’s even a Chinese black market for knockoff versions of the most popular formulas — CC creams have finally landed stateside.

Skinn Cosmetics Collagenesis® Intellitint™ CC – Color Correcting, Anti-Aging Treatment, $30 at

APRIL 2013

Bring Out Your Inner Glow

A Mite Troublesome

Invisible to the naked eye, Demodex mites live in the skin of 20 percent to 80 percent of adults. They were previously considered harmless, but according to a study published in the Journal of Medical Microbiology, an over proliferation of these critters could be causing rosacea, a skin condition characterized by red and sometimes bumpy skin that affects 14 million adults. Because these mites deposit bacteria on the skin, “higher levels of them could generate enough bacteria to agitate the skin’s immune response, causing the persistent flush and breakouts of rosacea,” says lead researcher Kevin Kavanagh, Ph.D., head of biology laboratory at the National University of Ireland, Maynooth. Kavanagh says scientists are working on an anti-Demodex treatment, but in the meantime, try our favorite natural soothers to help calm the effects of rosacea:

1. Obagi Rosaclear System Gentle Cleanser

2. Skinnaturals Soothing Serum ($37;

3. Clinique Redness Solutions Makeup Broad Spectrum SPF 15 with Probiotic Technology



Make sure your skin gets plenty of moisture with these ultra-hydrating beauty products

Skinn Cosmetics Hydro-Surge Deep Moisture Lifting Treatment, $24.

FALL, 2012


Fighting the BIG C

Skinn Cosmetics Twin Set – Collagen Boost Lipstick and Wet Gloss in Pink Tulip. 100 percent of sales (not profits, every cent of every sale will be donated!) of the Twin Set will go to support the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation. $18.50.



Twelve ways to support breast cancer awareness this month.

October is here and along with National Coming Out Day, the trick’r’ treating, it’s also the time of year when we get serious about breast cancer awareness. How important is it? This year, more than 225,000 people in the U.S. will be diagnosed with breast cancer and nearly 40,000 will die from it. Plus, with lesbians and bisexual women perhaps at a greater risk of developing breast cancer than heterosexual women, there is no question that we need to get serious about finding a cure, now. Fortunately the news is not all bad–every day, researchers are uncovering new clues as to how we are going to prevent, treat and finally defeat this disease. in order to do so, we need to support cases that keep this research going strong. So, here are a dozen ways you can shop pink this month, to support breast cancer research and breast cancer survivors.

Skinn Cosmetics’ Twin Set Collagen Boost Lipstick and Wet Gloss in Pink Tulip gives you lips that really say, “Wow,” an every penny of each sale goes straight to breast cancer research. ($18.50,



Does your beauty bag need a makeover? Here, Sophsticate’s Hairstyle Guide presents the best in beauty goodies….

Add a bit of intrigue to your everyday life with Naughty Makeovers for Nice Girls, a makeup, hair, and fashion how-to by Dimitri James. learn the difference between “trashy” and “naughty” looks to show yourself off in the best way possible! 10 lucky readers will win a copy of the book, a $25 value.

JULY, 2012


When the heat of summer threatens your once-perfect make-up, try the neatest quick-fix by Skinn Cosmetics: Plasma Flawless Finish Powderless Touch-Up Skin Perfecter. This multi-use product mattifies, protects skin and reduces the appearance of pores. And because it’s so light and airy, you’ll barely know it’s there.

JULY, 2012

Luxury’s Beauty Bar: [Flawless Facade]

Skinn Cosmetics Plasma Flawless Finish is a lighter-than-air, powerless color protector that perfects and mattes the skin while reusing to cake up or settle like ordinary powders. Available for purchase at .

JUNE, 2012

Beauty In A Heartbeat
by Lisa Maiorana

The weekend is here and you’re taking a trip. Pack these items to help you look and feel great and pulled-together effortlessly for your getaway.

Perfect Complexion
Get flawless coverage and zero streaking with these must-have products from SKINN Cosmetics. The exquisite tapered Plasma Foundation Brush contours to your face, and the Plasma Foundation is a primer foundation and setting powder in one!

Total score!

Brush, $25; Foundation, $28 at

JUNE, 2012

Great Things: Take a Powder

Just make sure it’s SKINN Cosmetics’ New Plasma Powderless Powder. Wrapped in micro bubbles of argan, flax and rose hips oil, this product protects, controls shine and blurs pores and imperfections. Effective over existing makeup or stand alone after moisturizer.

JUNE, 2012


In the good ol’ summertime we tend to look our best, but it is the worst tme for our complexions. All the extra sunscreen and products we slather on to enjoy the great outdoors also leave a trail of clogged pores and breakouts. the Pure Pore Hydro-Enzymatic Deep Pore Cleaner from Skinn is a purifier of epic proportions. You won’t remember the last time your face felt this fresh and clean, without being dried or tight. Enzymes, minerals, pre-biotics, and salicylic acid gently purify and polish much more effectively than soaps and other cleansers. Skincare guru/make-up artist Dimitri James uses highly active natural ingredients for all of his top-of-the-line products, so you know you’re getting the best. $18.50.

JUNE, 2012

Celeb Makeover: Miley Cyrus

Celeb Makeup Tips: Play Up Your #1 Feature
Do you love your lips, but not your chin? Get compliments on your eyes, but not your nose? Emphasize your best facial feature and take the focus off another feature and take the focus off another not-so-hot spot. Celebrities always use this trick!

Makeup artist Dimitri James, author of Naughty Makeovers for Nice Girls and creator of Skinn Cosmetics weighs in on Demi, Selena, Taylor, and Miley and their most flattering facial features, offering tips on how to work movie-star magic at home.

Demi’s Catlike Eyes
“They’re sharp, almond and almost catlike,” says James. If you peepers follow wit, he suggests sharpening the shape of your eyes for even more emphasis. “Use a black gel liner (try Skinn Cosmetics Smudge Stick in Cleopatra Black; $15; To make eyes look bigger, apply artificial lashes that are longer than outer edges.

Miley’s Sun-kissed Skin
“Miley has a true neutral skin tone, meaning she can wear warm colors (browns and peaches) or cools (plums and blues) and look beautiful in both,” says James. To enhance that sun-kissed Cali-girl look, mix Skinn Cosmetics Natural Light Illuminizer in Terracotta with moisturizer ($24;

JUNE, 2012

the guide | BEAUTY

get set
A new alternative to setting powder, Skinn Cosmetics Plasma Flawless Finish ($40, leaves the old-fashioned stuff in the dust. This unpigmented, weightless product relies on silicone and oils, such as rose hip, to diminish shine, blur pores, and seal in makeup. Smooth it on with the sponge that’s stowed in the case.

APRIL, 2012

Gilding the Royal Lily
Hollywood makeup artist, Dimitri James, tells how he would have turned former commoner Kate Middleton into an alluring royal.

The Vision
“Kate is a modern, stylish girl and is considered a fashion icon. kate will need to tke into consideration that she is potentially the future Queen of England. If I were to do her makeup, a classic, warm toned, natural look that emphasizes Kate’s beautiful, big hazel eyes wool deb the key.” Dimitri James, noted makeup artist and developer of Skinn Cosmetics.

What makes a royal look for special occasions?
An artfully made up face. Dimitri advises a color palate that would complement Middleton’s warm beige skin. To start, he would apply Skinn’s new Plasma Foundation to create the perfect semi-matte finish. He suggests applying a natural warm pink blush allowing for a full faced warm halo look of an early season tan.

Eyes that shine
Shadow: First, Dimitri would brush a heavy coat of a nude shadow all over Middleton’s eyelids from lash line to brow line. Next, he would apply a plum brown contour shade throw Kate’s orbital ridge to the corner of her outer lash line.

Eyeshadow and mascara: James advices that her eyes should be all matte without any pearl or sparkle, maintaining a royal not overly glitzy look. Dimitri would apply Egyptian Clay Brown Smudge Stick to her upper and lower eyelids. Then, to create a softer, more romantic effect, Dimitri would smudge the liner with a brush. For mascara, he would apply blackest black to both her upper and lower lashes. “With the combination of Plum Brown, Fleshy Taupe, Egyptian Clay and Blackest Black, Kate’s hazel eyes will really sparkle, ” he explains.

Come hither lips:
With eyes done up, Middleton needs a simple neutral creamy lip. To achieve this, Dimitri would first line Kate’s entire lip with a Waterproof Smudge Stick in Prose, then fill her entire lip with the same Prose Smudge Stick lip liner. He would then apply a finishing touch of matching Twin Set Lipstick and Gloss in Skinny Dip over the liner.

“Kate’s makeup would work perfectly during the entire day and evening, giving her an elegant and timeless look,” Says Dimitri.

Skinn Cosmetics products are available at

MAY, 2012

Free Stuff
These products aren’t available until next month, but they can be yours now–for nothing. The first 500 Allure readers to sign up at noon EDT on the dates below will get one free.
by Renee Trivilas

May 9
Skinn Cosmetics Plasma Flawless Finish. Pat on this micronized silicone primer to tamp down shine, hide pores, and keep makeup in place.

MARCH, 2012

Sweat Relief
Seven fast fixes for a postworkout meltdown.
by Kirstyn Brown

Staying Power
Smile. Sip, Sweat. Whatever! The Tint & Shine lip stain and gloss duo from Skinn Cosmetics will last throughout your workout and your workday! $18;


On the Market…
Treat yourself to the latest makeup and skin-care products.
By Deborah Carter

Tint & Shine, from makeup artist Dimitri James’s Skinn Cosmetics line, offers long-lasting color and shine in versatile everyday shades; soft burgundy Villa Rosa, and bright fuchsia Ciao Bella; $18 at


Revamp Your Vanity
Mirror, mirror on the wall, whose vanity is the fairest of them all? If you’re not raising your hand, it might be time to reflect – and refocus. celebrity makeup artist and the man behind Skinn Cosmetics, Dimitri James offers eight smart tips to help you take your beauty space from drab to fab.

1. Throw out any old color or product you have not used in six months.

2. Waste not! There are so many great nonprofit organizations that help and build up low income women for opportunities in the career field. Skincare, makeup and fragrance are rare commodities; look into donating to them!

3. Buy a beautiful tray to organize all your fragrances or bottles of skincare. Think outside the box – like an uber-sexy silver tray from a modern furniture store.

4. Remember that concealer, lipsticks, foundations and eyeliners dry out after three months and, like your jean collection, you may own 10 but wear three. Edit and simplify!

5. Spray the last few pumps of an old perfume into an old potpourri. then throw out the old bottle – it just takes up space.

6. Use a pretty antique glass to store clean, new brushes and organize them. Throw out the old ones.

7. Replace burnt-out light bulbs on makeup mirrors and vanities so you don’t apply makeup in the dark.

8. Clean as you go and don’t leave blow dryers, tweezers or mouthwash out after use. If space is limited, buy a pretty decorative bottle for your mouthwash and let it double as decor on a vanity instead of sitting out looking like clutter.


In The Buff
By Marissa Stapley-Ponikowski

Dry, rough skin is a common winter affliction–and moisturizer isn’t the only solution. To improve texture and tone, and get the skin on your body back in silky shape again, it’s important to exfoliate regularly. We’ve out together a collection of the very best body scrubs, polishes and exfoliants. Here’s why they’re so great.

Skinn Sweet and Smooth Sugar and Shea Butter Body Polish. Of all the scrubs, we loved the texture of this one the best: the essential oils didn’t feel greasy and the salt pieces weren’t too rough and large. We also adored the smell, which actually made us salivate, and stayed with us all day.


Peachy Keen
by Kristina Coleman

Want to replicate model Elaine Irwin’s soft, sexy glow? Makeup artist to the stars Terri Apanasewicz shows you how.

Use an eye pencil along the edge of your upper lashes and smudge. A fantastic waterproof pencil is Skinn Cosmetics’ Smudge Stick ($15)

AUGUST, 2011

At Your Service
by Nora Zelevansky

From salon stars to red-carpet artists, these professionals are the crème de la crème of big-day glamour.

Makeup Artists
Desert nuptials require special skincare, so splurge on Dimitri James. He splits his time between Palm Springs and L.A. when he’s not tending to Vanessa Williams or Eva LaRue.

AUGUST, 2011

New Stuff You’ll Love
Meet our friendly Glamour guinea pigs who volunteered to test out the latest skin-saving face masks out there. Check out the formulas they liked.

Best Quencher
“Like an instant eight hours–I was shocked by how soft my skin felt.”
  – Danielle Kwateng, editorial assistant

Skinn Wrinkle Soak Hydrating Mask
with Watermelon Extract


FALL, 2011

Some of LA’s coolest fashion
insiders join forces to promote
the industry’s hottest night.

The annual Fashion’s Night Out shopping event scheduled for September 8, 2011, where retailers around the globe come together in a show of solidarity to support the fashion industry, received a marketing boost, courtesy of a public service announcement featuring LA-based designers, stylists, and fashion celebrities. The spot, produced by Kelly Howard of Kip Morrison and Associates, and filmed by Alex Reiter, will appear on the FNO LA website and be shown at the kickoff celebration at the Beverly Center and in retail locations. Here’s an exclusive behind-the-scenes peek at Smashbox Studios where hair stylists Scott Cunha and Ryan Randall from Margaret Maldonado Agency and makeup artist Dimitri James of Skinn Cosmetics got the fashion insiders ready for their closeups. Fashion’s Night Out LA is an initiative of the City of Los Angeles.

JUNE, 2011

Chit Chat with EVA LA RUE
The amazingly talented Eva La Rue stars as Natalie Boa Vista in CSI: Miami, a forensic investigator who uses both cutting-edge scientific methods and old-fashioned police work to solve crimes. 101 caught up with the beautiful actress to discuss red carpet style, hair [and makeup] tips and tricks and what she does when she’s not working on the show.

What beauty tricks have you learned in the business?
I learned to line my inner eyelid under my lashes to make my eyes pop! I also love Orchid Gel Primer by Skinn By Dimitri James. It is a matte primer that works great and I don’t have to keep powdering my face all day. Too much powder starts to cake.

APRIL, 2011

Lucky Breaks
Deals, discounts and giveaways–only for our readers.

Sheer Effects Smile Gloss in Sunny Daze – $12.50
Luxe Premier Eyeshadow in Luxe III – $32.00
Nine years ago, makeup artist Dimitri James set out to develop a line of cosmetics that focused on additive-free formulas rather than fancy packaging. Best of all, the shades are wildly flattering in the subtlest of ways.

MARCH, 2011

And the Winners Are…
Our editors and experts washed, slathered and primped to discover the ultimate skin, body and makeup products.

BEAUTY AWARDS: Fab Finds $15 or Less
Budget-friendly products that got our votes.

Skinn Cosmetics No Damage Lash Curler ($14, has a keratin-infused strip that strengthens your lashes.

JUNE, 2010

New Skin
Give your routine a luxe makeover with anti-aging products that firm, tone and lift.


You Deserve The Best…Body Scrub!
Whether you want to turn back the clock with top notch antioxidants or wake up your inner mermaid with a straight-from-the-sea formula, we have the super scrubs that’ll leave your skin feeling like a dream!

If you want…An Anti-Aging Formula:
Skinn Sweet & Smooth Body Polish
Marta Wohrle of loves this scrub so much she says, “I use it every day! It’s loaded with anti-aging ingredients like vitamin E and avocado oil. It also has omega-3 fatty acids–they’re so similar to your skin’s natural structure, they penetrate pores easily, helping the other ingredients soak in and do their job.” So how complete is this scrub? “It’s so hydrating you don’t need to use a moisturizer; in fact, once you use it, you don’t need to do anything else–apart from getting dressed!”

JUNE, 2009

If your skin seems to be following the sagging economy, cheer up. Skinn’s Chin-Up Firm, Lift & Tone and Chin-Up Redensifying creams promise to tighten up your chin area and decrease those lines.


INTERVIEW / Dimitri James