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Online Features

Here are a few recent samples of Skinn Cosmetics being mentioned online. Please let us know if you’ve seen us anywhere as well!

APRIL, 2014

Radiant orchid is the ‘It’ flower in beauty products
Orchids are trending in fragrances and products for skin, nails, lips, eyes and more.
by Kavita Daswani, Special to the Los Angeles Times

Radiant Orchid, the trend color of 2014 as decreed by color specialist Pantone, has shown up all across the beauty spectrum. The flower is appearing literally — as the key ingredient. Or it’s an inspiration.

In skin care, orchid extract is touted as an effective moisturizer; orchid leaves contain plant pigments called anthocyanins — also present in blueberries and acai — known for their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

From L.A. brand Skinn Cosmetics comes Orchid Gel Mattefying Skin Perfector ($10-$30) a swirl of purple cream that helps minimize pores and lines, and Orchid Gel Tint ($24), a substitute for foundation in four shades.


Valentine’s Day Beauty: 20 Treats to Set Your Heart Aflutter 
by Jennifer Tzeses

Whether or not you have a significant other, we believe Valentine’s Day should be about equal opportunity. And first thing’s first: Feeling the loving spirit does not require coupledom. In fact, you can simply show the love for yourself (the healthiest kind, anyway). So, we’ve gathered beauty goodies, from nail polish and candles to lipstick and fragrance to celebrate the occasion or simply to embrace the message of love, every day. We heart you!

One thing screen sirens of the past had in common: a perfectly painted red pout. Get on your retro glam with Skinn by Dimitri James Hollywood Red Lip Palette, $17.50,, every shade of red is covered in this treasure.


Beauty aficionado Dimitri James went on a mission over a decade ago. Painfully disappointed with the fancy packaging and lackluster content that plagues the beauty arena way too often, he set out to bring the exact opposite to you. To state that SKINN will relieve you of some of those harsh winter burdens does not prepare you for the love affair you’re about to have in the restroom. Body polish your bad day away or run late to work as you discover his crazy affordable line of make-up brushes.


Editor’s Pick – Red Carpet Ready Products
by Andie Huber & Tiffany Tse

It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which means it’s time to put your shopping money to good use: When you purchase any one of these ten products, you’ll also be making a donation to help fight breast cancer.

Lip Service

Made with sugar and a blend of moisturizing oils, this Skinn Cosmetics scrub gently relieves dry, flaky lips. The brand is giving 100 percent of sales to Bright Pink, a national nonprofit organization focused on early breast cancer detection in young women.

SHOP NOW: Skinn Cosmetics Sugar Lips Polishing Scrub, $20,


Editor’s Pick – Red Carpet Ready Products
by Gregorie Guillaume

The current toast of Hollywood and the darling of the red carpet, Kerry Washington knows a thing or two about how to get the attention of the paparazzi. 

Since press agents and glam squads aren’t a part of our daily vocabulary, us mere mortals have to rely on the kindness of friends, capable beauty products and maybe one beauty professional should our budgets allow, to make our red carpet dreams come true.

Skinn Cosmetics Hollywood Red Lip Palette ($22.50, is the answer to finding the perfect red for your lips without having to buy the entire store. This palette comes with six creamy shades that can be worn alone or be customized to your liking. Besides painting your lips with unbelievable color, ‘Hollywood’ is anti-aging and contains collagen-boosting peptides so your lips get serious plump action.


Wash, Rinse, Repeat: 12 Facial Cleansers That Get the Job Done
by Jennifer Tzeses

Every girl knows sleeping with her makeup on is the biggest, baddest, beauty sin committable, and yet some of us (ahem, this author included) still do it. Why? Laziness, period.

So when it comes to facial washes, we need super-charged formulas that swipe makeup in a single bound, clean debris like it was never there before, and still keep it all impossibly smooth. We scoured the beauty scene to find the best new products out there. These are the ones you’ll want to stock up on!

MARCH, 2013

Skinn Cosmetics: Beautiful and Good For Your Skin
by DivaDebbi

Because I have so much access to quality cosmetics as a New Yorker and a beauty blogger, I have never been one to purchase cosmetics via shopping networks. I do know however, that the packages they put together offer tremendous value…maybe it’s a good thing I don’t tune in…

Skinn Cosmetics was not on my radar, but I have been interested in finding some new quality eye shadows and when they asked me if I was interested in sampling them, I leaped at the chance.

It’s pretty amazing that the concept of combining treatment with cosmetics is still relatively new. It’s such a no brainer…  If we are slathering stuff on our face everyday, why not add some good for us benefits like anti-oxidants, peptides, vitamins, and hyaluronic acid? I’m all for it.

Dimitri James founded Skinn Cosmetics in 2002, after a long career in the cosmetics industry.  His goal was to create high quality products while keeping them more affordably priced.  He achieves it by not wasting money on fussy packaging and limiting his distribution channels to his own website Skinn Cosmetics and through shopping networks.

These beautiful, neutral shadows, will flatter any eye color. Some are matte and some have a hint of shimmer. They glide on like silk, blend easily, look natural and stay absolutely PUT, all day and night. Be still my heart!

My favorite surprise was the black shadow.  Dimitri recommends using the shadows wet for more depth.  I decided to try it as a liner and hoped for the best.  I’ve tried many dry to wet shadows that have run, flaked or disappeared completely Not this one…It applies like dream and adds a soft, elegant emphasis to the eye unlike liquid or gel liners.

I am in love–Here are some of the details:


Luxe Premier Eyeshadows:
• Pure luxury full treatment eye shadows that treat the eye lids with age defying actives, antioxidants and peptides.

• Talc free so even crepe-like eye lids look smooth and beautiful.

• Palette includes 12 beautiful eye shadow shades, perfect for all skin types.


Luxe Premier Eyeshadows: Apply to eyelids using brush or sponge tip applicator. May also be applied wet for more intense color.

The set I received is not yet on Skinn Cosmetics website [editor’s note: it is now], but you can purchase it as a set, which includes a fiber optic mascara and Teal Smudgestick through Shop NBC at this link.  As I mentioned, these kits do offer value and the $38 price point is what the shadows alone would cost.

If the eyeshadow palette I sampled is any indication of the quality of Skinn Cosmetics products, I will definitely be back for more…


JULY, 2012

Editors’ Favorites: Week of 7.9.12
by Julie Giusti

This week: A moisturizing five-blade, razor, a neon pink nail polish, a nonstick hairspray and more.

Skinn Cosmetics Plasma Foundation

The mousselike formula dries to a lightweight powder that leaves skin looking matte.

JULY, 2012

Beauty Products We Love
by Katerine Kluznik Rentmeester

We want them and we want them now! Get your beauty fix with the latest and greatest products for the face, skin, and hair.

Skinn Cosmetics Plasma Flawless Finish Powder

A “powder-free powder?” We were puzzled too. But we did as we were told, used the included sponge to dab it on and were, frankly, amazed by the results. What feels like a dense primer in the compact magically morphs into a completely colorless, weightless finish on the skin. Pores are blurred, shine is erased—and we can’t stop staring in the mirror.

JUNE, 2012

How to Conquer Teen Acne
by Elizabeth Weiss McGolerick

Oh adolescence, what a pain in the rear you are!

Busy teen? No Excuses!

Your teens might want clear skin and a boost to their self-confidence, but they may also be pulled in all directions and neglect to keep up with the necessary skin care regimen that healthy skin needs. SOS Acne Treatment Wipes are great for busy teens involved in sports, extracurricular activities or regular weekend sleepovers who might be tempted to nix their skin care for a day or two.

JUNE, 2012

Beach Beauty This Way
by Sarah Smith

It’s the first day of summer and I have te beach and the brain. Maybe that’s why these two brand new Color Affair-Regatta palettes by Skinn Cosmetics remind me of the sandy shores and turquoise waters of St. Tropez. these six shimmering eyeshadows and three blush and bronzers would be ideal to wear on your island honeymoon or at your destination wedding’s seaside rehearsal dinner. Just tote along a foundation, concealer, and waterproof mascara!

Interested? Pick them up July 1st.

JUNE, 2012

Skinn Cotton & Mineral Foundation
by Hilary Sheinbaum

Developed by professional make-up artist Dimitri James, Skinn Cosmetics offers a Cotton and Mineral Powder Foundation. While mineral make-up may contain talc – a drying, clogging rock that is found in most foundations – Skinn does not.

Unlike talc, cotton is soft, smooth, and absorbs excess moisture without drying. the Skinn cotton and mineral foundation is a powder made from laser cut cotton, allowing skin to breathe.

Many mineral powders only contain oxides of with no benefit to skin. Alternatively, Skinn’s mineral cotton powder contains real non-oxidized minerals including copper, magnesium, zinc, calcium, selenium and gold.

The cotton and mineral foundation contains ingredients to assist the powder in staying fresh, smooth and natural looking all day–never dry, chalky or mask-like.

Rating for Foundation: 5/5 Stars

Retail Price – $20.00/5g at

APRIL, 2012

Editors Choice
Who Says Men Can’t be Groomed?
by: Michael Lloyd, Editor-in-Chief

Let’s get this straight. I’m a dude. I’m not a meterosexual, nor do I care to be. I do dress nicely for meetings and when I’m on the road. However, Father Time always catches up to you and when he starts tugging on your jacket, it’s time to cast aside your phobias and get the help you need to keep you young and spry.

It all started last December. You’ll probably agree with me when I say, who doesn’t love a good party? After a week of them ending at an up-till-five-a.m.-blowout-at-an-old-mansion-in-LA, my tired eyes were a dead giveaway that there was a little too much action and not enough rest in my life. The puffiness and dark circles were more than a week of fun; it was pure neglect. Years of it.

My copywriter in the next office took me aside and suggested that dark sunglasses were not fooling anyone. She reached into her bag and gave me a bottle of mauve cream and told me to try it for a while.

The mauve cream turned out to Skinn’s Eye Stem Rejen®. This super concentrated serum-strength cream promised to lift, hydrate, repair, and firm my skin. It all sounded like Hollywood hocus-pocus that a celebrity make-up artist Dimitri James could deliver me back to demigod status with his secret Rh Polypeptide-7 ingredient. But you know what? It did.

The road map of lines around my eye and those black pits under them were reduced after a month of consistently using it after my morning brush of the teeth and before bed at night (yes! before 5:00 A.M. now). Magically, those crepe-like lines lifted away.

That secret ingredient, aka the good kind of human growth hormones, provided more than skin deep results. It actually renewed my skin cells and reversed some of the abuse I inflicted on my face in my wild(er) thirties.

And, although I’m not getting carded, my skin feels taut and looks smoother. I feel like a star myself when I’m on the red carpet trying to get that magical interview at deadline.

So put Father Time on the bench and get an instant eyelift like I did. Thanks Dimitri!

Eye Stem Rejen® from Skinn Cosmetics
 retails for $48

APRIL, 2012

It’s no secret that we have a major hair crush on Giuliana Rancic. Are you wondering how to get this reality TV queen’s must-have beige blonde locks? We’ll show you how to steal her cut and color so you too can channel your inner reality star.

Bonus: The Makeup
Follow these steps from celebrity makeup artist Dimitri James to master Giuliana’s makeup look:

1. Start by applying a tinted moisturizer to the skin. Then apply a soft dusting of Skinn Cosmetics Cotton and Mineral Powder Foundation over the face for a glowing natural look.

2. Apply several individual lash extensions to the upper lash line with several extra long lashes in the center for a doe-eyed look. Apply Skinn’s Smudgestick in Cleopatra Black to the inner waterline and inner upper lash line.

3. For the eyes, apply the lightest shade under the brow, a peachy shade on the lid, and a matte brown through the crease.

4. To finish, apply Skinn Cosmetics Twin Set Lipstick and matching gloss in Pink Tulip to lips, and blush to your cheeks.

MARCH, 2012

by: Gregorie Guillaume

Skinn Cosmetics introduces Tint & Shine Luscious Lip Stain & Gloss Set. ($18, These are mistake-proof, luscious lip stains and gloss come in two sexy shades – Ciao Bella & Villa Rosa

At first glance the hues in the dual-sided (gloss & stain) tube look vibrant and vivid, but Skinn Celebrity Makeup Artist Dimitri James explains, “Depending on how light or dark; subtle or striking the lip look du jour, play with layering the stains—it’s completely up to you.” For a fresh, light-wash look, just use one coat (of either the stain or the gloss).  If going for a more intense pucker palette, build away and add as many layers until desired color is achieved.


New Year, New You: Simplify Your Beauty Routine
By Liz Mitchell

Make the most of your beauty routine with these timesaving tricks…

Spending countless hours in front of the vanity mirror isn’t nearly as glamorous as it sounds. Streamline your beauty routine to save precious time and money in the New Year, with these expert tips from skincare guru and celebrity makeup artist Dimitri James.

Stick to The “Essentials”
“Find one gentle yet effective cleanser that removes dirt, oil, makeup, mascara and leaves your skin feeling fab and refreshed,” recommends James. You’ll also want a great moisturizer with an SPF of 15 or higher.

Shop Smart
“Using a facial cleansing brush or soft wash cloth eliminates the need for eye makeup removers, toners and scrubs,” explains James. And keep an eye out for double duty (or triple or quadruple) products, which cut down on time and won’t break the bank.

Look For Substitutes
“Find a great bronzer powder, gel or tint and apply it all over the face lightly, then heavier on cheeks and eyelids,” says James. “This is a great substitute for foundation, eye shadow and blush.” Three products in one? We’ll take it!

Get Creative
“There’s no substitute for a great tube of fabulously lengthening and darkening mascara,” says James. To save time, apply mascara close to the lash base, and you won’t need an eyeliner, or try smudging along the lash line with the tip of the wand.

Respect The Integrity of Your Hair
If you have curly hair, don’t fight it, find a style that doesn’t need to be worn straight in order to look great, and vice versa for straight hair, suggests James. If you color your hair, try to stay in the color family of your natural shade. When your roots come in, you won’t need to run to the salon as quickly.


“She Comes with Baggage” – How to Fake Awake when you can’t get enough zzzzs!
by Shira Hirschman Weiss

I’m a 37 year old mom of 4, a writer and I have a whole other job – yes, a whole other job. And that doesn’t include countless hours of volunteer work and nighttime meetings. There are times when I just can’t get enough sleep. For me, it tends to show up under my eyes. I remember the days when I voluntarily stayed up late as a single girl about town in NYC, attending parties that started no earlier than 10:30 with unspecified end times. These events took place in smoky venues and required a minimum of 3 drinks per person. I look back now and say “I CHOSE to forego sleep?” But as I recall, it didn’t show up so easily on my skin despite exposure to the harshest of elements. Breathing in secondhand smoke, tossing back vodka shots and partying until the wee am hours are not things I would have been able to keep up forever. These days, I am armed with my Clinique All About Eyes serum with its metal roller ball (I keep it in my refrigerator so it is cold enough to bring down puffiness) and Cover FX foundation to hide the dark circles. These are my secret weapons – well, not so secret anymore, as I’m exposing them to you right now!

I spoke with celebrity makeup artists, cosmetic chemists, skincare experts and MDs. Here are their tips and tricks for looking more awake instead of going back to bed:

A Quick Sprint or a Quick Spritz
In addition to providing stellar makeup tips, Dimitri James of Skinn Cosmetics recommends exercising for 5-10 minutes to create circulation and a rosy glow.

Brighten Up
Brighteners or illuminating makeup products draw attention away from the tired looking areas by giving you a youthful glow and covering up some of the hyper-pigmented skin.

Another choice is the easy to use wand by Dimitri James for Skinn Cosmetics called Bright Eyes – Eye Enhancing Treatment. Explains a representative for Skinn Cosmetics: “This super hydrating brightener utilizes the latest technology in color pigments to virtually erase the look of fatigue and dark circles without the weight and feel of heavy concealers.” Special incandescent pigments in the wand make eyes appear bigger and brighter.

“Don’t make these tips a habit! Faking it long term is never a good idea!” -Dimitri James for Skinn Cosmetics
James is right. I echo his sentiments when he says about his own tips to clients: “While these tips help every once in a while, it is ultra-important that women get their rest for their health. Long term sleep deprivation hurts our weight loss efforts, causes premature aging and cognitively impacts our ability to make decisions, manage stress and perform at our best.”

AUGUST, 2011

Caroline loves Skinn by Dimitri James, will you?
by Caroline Leavitt
(Caroline is a book reviewer for People Magazine, a freelance writer and best selling author.)

Baby, it’s cold outside, and that means parched, chapped skin and a battle against the elements. But now Skinn by Dimitri James has a solution with three products guaranteed to keep your skin silky and smooth. Skinn’s one of my favorite companies. Developed by professional make-up artist Dimitri James, it makes its own products, using natural ingredients, and stays far away from harmful fillers. Plus, these products really and truly work wonders.

I loved the Milky Protein Cleanser. It’s a luxurious body wash that actually smells like a bakery! The notes of honey almond oats and a scent of vanilla may have you thinking about sugar cookies, and the sulfate-free formula (you know you never want to clean with sulfates, don’t you?) gently cleans without stripping your skin’s acid mantle. Next, I slathered on the Sweet & Smooth Body Polish. Scented with warm Moroccan vanilla and cocoa, this grainy polish softens, smoothes and exfoliates your skin. Finally, I used the Body Balm. Made from fresh mango and bayberry, it also contains hydrating shea butter, sweet almond, argan, pistachio and avocado. My skin, which flakes in the winter, felt conditioned and tightened, plus the scent was so delicious! Best of all, the Body Balm Extreme is boosted with vitamin-C and i’s petroleum free.

You’ll really love the skin you’ll be in!


Conserve vs. Splurge: The Smart Girl’s Guide to Beauty
by Elizabeth Mitchell

Trying to stay beautiful on a broke gal’s budget isn’t always easy. You heart Sephora, and you’re pretty sure it hearts you back. Plus, you’d probably live in the Nordstrom beauty department if you could. But since that’s illegal and you’re pretty strapped for cash, does the thought of having to buy a few of your makeup and beauty musts at your local CVS really sound that bad? We say, as long as you’re not skimping on quality, why not?! Check out what our experts had to say on the subject (and find out which beauty products you should be conserving on) in our Smart Girl’s Guide to Beauty below.

1. SPLURGE: Anti-Aging Serum
According to celebrity makeup artist and the man behind Skinn Cosmetics, Dimitri James, a good anti-aging serum is the most important skin care item to splurge on. “You can save by using a less expensive moisturizer because moisturizers sit on the surface and moisturize,” he notes, “but serums penetrate the skin to give you all of your anti-aging benefits so a higher quality brand is necessary.”

6. CONSERVE: Blush, Mascara, Shadows, Liners
Makeup artist Dimitri James advises you to hang on to your cash when it comes to purchasing these types of products. Why? “Because the less expensive brands work just as well, it’s the application that’s important.”


Best bang for your buck beauty
by Elizabeth Mitchell

Resolve to be more savvy with your beauty routine and bank account in the New Year — these two-in-one products pack double the punch at only half the price!

Skinn Cosmetics Tint & Shine Lip Stain and Gloss
Pucker up girls, and perfect your pout. Skinn Cosmetics Tint & Shine Lip Stain and Gloss ($18) contains two luscious lip products rolled into one. Choose from a bright and cheery Ciao Bella stain with a glitzy glam gloss, or go for the Villa Rosa toned down burgundy shade with rose colored lip shine. Either way, you can’t go wrong.

“Depending on how light or dark; subtle or striking the lip look du jour, play with layering the stains,” says celebrity makeup artist and the man behind Skinn Cosmetics, Dimitri James. “For a fresh, light-wash look, just use one coat (of either the stain or the gloss). If going for a more intense pucker palette, build away and add as many layers until the desired color is achieved.”


Top 10 Hangover Beauty Dos and Don’ts
by Elizabeth Mitchell

So last night got a little out of control—you danced your booty off, downed one too many cocktails, and got sent home in a taxi by your loving BFF, all before 2 AM. But hey, at least you had a blast, right? Well, maybe. That is, until you woke up with a pounding headache, makeup smeared across your face, and ugly little bags underneath what were party perfect peepers a mere 12 hours ago. We consulted the experts to get the lowdown on the top 10 hangover beauty dos and don’ts for those awful morning-afters. Lesson learned? Overdoing it ain’t pretty!

Still look like a train wreck? Unfortunately there’s not much you can do at this point, except grab your coolest, biggest pair of sunglasses and make like Angelina Jolie, says celebrity makeup artist and the man behind Skinn Cosmetics, Dimitri James. “Angelina’s a mom of six, and I don’t care how many nannies she might have, somebody is definitely keeping her awake at night.”

“Faking it long term is never a good idea,” says makeup artist Dimitri. “Long term sleep deprivation hurts our weight loss efforts, causes premature aging, and cognitively impacts our ability to make decisions, manage stress, and perform at our best.” It’s called beauty rest for a reason. Plus, don’t you think being hungover kind of sucks, like majorly?


Streamline your beauty routine this season
by Jessica Padykula

Between work, family and personal obligations, it can often be difficult to find the time to dedicate to a beauty and skin care regimen. If that sounds like you, we’re here to help. We’ve put together some simple beauty tips for busy women everywhere that will make it easy to streamline their beauty routine and put their best face forward with minimal effort.

We asked skin care guru and celebrity makeup artist Dimitri James for his beauty tips on how to get ready faster and more efficiently this season. He was happy to share his secrets for a streamlined beauty routine with SheKnows.

1. Stick to the essentials
Rather than having a counter overflowing with countless products, keep things simple, James says. “Find one gentle, yet effective cleanser that removes dirt, oil, makeup and mascara and leaves your skin feeling clean and refreshed,” he says. That way you don’t have to worry about wasting time using three products when you can just use one. You’ll also want to use one great moisturizer with an SPF of at least 15 to round out your routine.

2. Try a hint of tint
If the thought of finding time to apply a full face of makeup sends you into a tailspin, you can pare down to save time. James suggests finding a great bronzer powder, gel or tint and applying it all over your face lightly, and then heavier on cheeks and on eye lids. “This is a great substitute for foundation, eye shadow and blush,” he explains. The hint of sun kissed color will also brighten up your complexion on days when you didn’t get enough sleep.

3. Max out with mascara
Mascara is a makeup bag mainstay for good reason. With a simple swipe, your eyes are instantly opened up. “There is no substitute for a great tube of fabulously lengthening and darkening mascara!” James says. Simply apply heavier and close to the lash base and you won’t even need an eye liner, or try smudging along the lash line with the tip of the wand for added drama.

4. Opt for hair simplicity
There’s no need to spend your entire morning on a complicated hair style. James suggests keeping things simple and sophisticated instead. A slanted side part with a heavy side bang pulled into a pony tail is the freshest and most sophisticated, easy hair style for a busy woman on the go, he says.

5. Choose the right hair color
If you color your hair, try to match your natural shade as closely as possible, James tells us. Colors close to your natural shade will make re-growth more graceful and save on constant touch ups. Avoid chunky or heavily highlighted hair unless you have the resources (and time) to maintain it often. “There is nothing worse than hard re-growth,” he says.

6. Embrace your hair
If you’ve been fighting against your natural hair style, it’s time to stop. Instead of wasting time trying to get your hair to do something it doesn’t do naturally, choose a style that respects the integrity of your hair. Says James: “If you have curly hair, find a style that does not need to be worn straight in order to look good, and the opposite holds true for straight hair.”


Bold, spidery lashes are in
by Jessica Padykula

This fall is all about bold, brash, look-at-me lashes. And we’re not referring to the long and lean variety so often coveted by beauty buffs everywhere. No, this time we’re talking heavy lashes, laden with mascara, otherwise known as spider lashes. If you’re skeptical, we don’t blame you, but everyone from Kim Kardashian to Chloe Sevigny is on the bold lash bandwagon, not to mention its appearance on every recent runway from Marc Jacobs to Lanvin. So we’re here to give you the inside scoop on this trend and show you how it’s done.

We talked to Dmitri James, professional makeup artist and author and creator of Skinn Cosmetics, about why spider lashes are this season’s makeup must. “Spider lashes, or very long, clumpy lashes are very popular this season,” he says. “The trend in cosmetics continues to be all about the heavy eye and especially the very heavy lash.”

Heavier lashes really balance this season’s bolder brow. More lash is a better choice versus more shadow with this look.

To achieve spider lashes, James applies cut up strips of lashes all over the eye and even applies double sets of lashes to the outer corner for a heavier batwing eye. He then accentuates this with over-extended liner. Daunted? Don’t be. Getting the look at home is easier than you think.

James shares his tips for getting the spider lash look at home.

First, apply a band of artificial spidery lashes (lashes with long spiky pieces) that have been cut into three sections. This allows for easier application and for a better fit to the individual eye.

Pick mascara with fibers built in (mascara that contains small fibers that attach to the ends of your lashes) to fill the gaps between the artificial and real lashes. Never use brown mascara as it makes eyes look tired and red. Black is the only option for this look, James advises. Note: You should never see the skin of the lid in between your lashes. If your lashes are sparse at the base, line the lash line with eye liner.

Bat the lash brush tip directly onto the lashes and “clump” it on, and then brush through so the mascara goes on thicker.

Apply some face powder to the lashes with a large powder brush after the mascara has dried, and then follow with another coat of mascara. And there you have the hottest trend for lashes. Says James: “The look is heavy, messy and not the refined lady-lash at all!”

Even a singular trend can be personalized, you just have to think about your own personality and the mood you’re going for, James says. He provides some tips for several popular, spider lash-based looks.

Seductive: Consider outer lash corners only for a sexy, seductive cat eye.
Flirty: Choose long feathery lashes and keep them well separated.
Avant garde: Go with a heavy full upper band with heavy spidery lashes and a heavy lower lash.
Innocently sexy: Choose lashes with the longest hairs in the center and really round out the liner and shadow for a large “deer in the headlights” look.
Younger: Mature women are better off having lash extensions applied regularly and going easy on the mascara.


October 2011 Beauty Round-Up ‘Must Haves’
by April MacIntyre

Early fall is the best time to prepare for the dry skin months of forced heat and wind chill, as your skin needs to be ready for holiday party dresses bare shoulders and legs.

These products were the best of what we tested and loved, so take us shopping with you for the best in October 2011 beauty.

Skinn Sweet & Smooth Scrub
Skinn Milky Protein Cleanser
Skinn Body Balm Extreme
Made in the USA

Another fabulous American made line; everything I have tried from Skinn has met or exceeded expectations. Skinn Cosmetics’ Balm Extreme, Protein Cleanser, and Scrub are a triple threat of body loving goodness that smells edible, and polishes and perfects the skin.

The Body Balm contains Vitamin C, peptides and butters from 12 exotic plants to drench the skin, and contains no water and no petroleum. Use it on your hands, elbows, legs, all over. The Scrub is also sugary rich and you will be tempted to eat it. The Milky Cleanser and Scrub work together to deeply cleanse and prepare the skin for the Balm’s magical moisture.


A Glimpse At The Fun To Come At FNOLA
by Tammy Gibson

Tonight’s the night! Fashion’s Night Out! I’m celebrating in Los Angeles tonight and have shared only a tiny bit of what’s going down. There is so much good stuff! Make sure you check out to get a list of all the LA retailers so you can come out and play with me!

A couple of weeks ago, I shared the official FNOLA PSA (if you missed it, it’s here.) Here is a super fun behind-the-scenes look with Dimitri James, the man behind all things Skinn Cosmetics and the looks for the PSA:

Before I move on, can I just say that Katherine Power‘s ombre hair is AM-azing??! Please tell me, who does her hair (then get me an appointment!)? I Love! And I MUST get my hands on the not-yet-released Skinn lip color, One Perfect Shade, that Simone Harouche wore (and maybe that Smudge Stick that dries like patent leather…nice!)!

AUGUST, 2011

make Fall a gala season with the latest makeup collection from Skinn Cosmetics
by Alison Blackman
Beauty Examiner

Fall Gala Collection from Skinn Cosmetics

Before he started Skinn Cosmetics, Dimitri James worked for some of the largest cosmetics companies in the world. Claiming that the companies put their money into advertising and fancy packaging (not necessarily the products), Dimitri decided to offer his products in simple packaging and only through televised home shopping, the internet and exclusive, privately owned spas throughout North America. James’s eye shadows are one of my fashion week staples, because they have collagen-boosting peptides and don’t fade, run, crease or turn color. Skinn Cosmetics is one of my favorite brands, because the products are affordable, they look great, and perform, flawlessly.

For all your red carpet events (or just because you love to look good, and glamorous), Dimitri James has introduced a new collection that is available on ShopNBC: the Skinn Cosmetic’s Color Affair Collection. This Fall Gala Collection features seven products: Eye Shadow Palette, Blush & Bronze Palette, Two Stain & Gloss Sticks, Two Line & Shade Sticks, and a Skinn Illuminizer.

The Color Affair Eye Shadow Palette arrives nicely boxed in black cardboard. While Skinn Cosmetics used to use inexpensive compacts with clear lids, this one is a substantial, rectangular, black compact with rounded edges, and an interior mirror. Six large squares of silky eye shadow in earthy tones range in color from light eggshell to deep brown, A standout color is the intense, shimmery khaki that works well with every Fall wardrobe. The shadows are talc-free shadows with age-defying actives, antioxidants,and peptides. use them wet or dry, and not only look good, but do good for your skin.

The Blush & Bronze Palette arrives in the same lovely compact, featuring three colors that shade and highlight or bronze, depending upon how you use them. The powders are talc free and have Skinn’s skin care ingredients and anti-oxidants. The two rectangles of blusher include a lovely light rose and a cool bronzed peach, plus a light, golden bronzer. The color look intense and deep in the compact, but applied with a fluffy blush, they’re sheer and blend-able for a myriad of looks.

Multi-tasking Stain & Gloss Sticks give you a gloss and a lip stain on a dual ended tube. They’re not just handy, the products resist feathering and bleeding, so you can enjoy intense color and shine without worrying that the products will seep into fine lines. They also contain moisturizing aloe and Vitamin E.The liquid stains, applied with a brush tip, are easy to apply precisely. Go for night-time glamour with an intense application of stain plus gloss, or blot the stain and wear it alone *give it a few minutes to dry, for a more natural look. The glosses are silky, shimmery, and have enough color on their own to wear solo or over the stains. You get two combos: a brown stain with semi-sheer shimmered rose, or a bold cherry stain with a slightly lighter, shimmery rose. Both are gorgeous and universally flattering.

Line & Shade Sticks are another two-for-one product that makes perfect sense for your purse or tote. The dual-ended pencil has two eyeliners in complimentary shades of black or brown: one is a thin-line liner, the chubbier one is a creamy eye shadow. Both have good-for-your-skin shea butter, peptides, wild yam root and grape seed extract. Each liner comes in a complimentary shade duo for a total of 4 different shade options and endless possibilities. These are long wear and blendable. This is an excellent product.

The final piece in the collection is a Skinn Illuminizer: the liquid in a pump is used to brighten and add radiance, and contains all four natural skin tones (pink, yellow, bronze & copper) so it compliments everyone’s skin. It also has jojoba and Vitamin E to give your skin a bit of pampering. It seems to even out skin and add radiance, but not the overly shiny radiance that really only looks good on very young girls. Use a sponge or just your fingertips, to apply this blendable illuminizer to cheeks and lips (where the sun would naturally kiss you). If your skin is pale (or reasonably so) this cucumber-scented illuminizer makes a natural all-over glow which really looks pretty! You can also experiment, trying it over or under makeup as day cream to give your skin a radiant tone.

* this collection of seasonal colors is available at Shop NBC if you love Skinn Cosmetics and want a new set of seasonal colors every three months, you can sign up for auto delivery. After your initial delivery of the Skinn Cosmetics Color Affair Seven-Piece Collection for Fall, 90 days later you will receive Skinn Cosmetics Color Affair Seven-Piece Collection for Winter, followed by Spring and Summer. Or you can simply order each collection by the season. You can also check out what’s new on the Dimitri James Website.

AUGUST, 2011

Lauren Conrad’s Behind-The-Scenes Fashion’s Night Out L.A. PSA, Where She’ll Be On Sept. 8
by Chrissy Mahlmeister

Lauren Conrad shooting the Fashion’s Night Out LA PSA.
Photo: Courtesy of Fashion’s Night Out

Hills star Lauren Conrad OFFICIALLY joins in on the fashion week festivities by shooting a PSA for Fashion’s Night Out Los Angeles! Since LC debuted her Paper Crown line last February and continues to seasonally release her collab with Kohl’s, she’s been flexing her sinewy fashion muscles. FNO LA released some behind-the-scenes pics with ours truly, and now we absolutely CANNOT WAIT for this PSA to be released! Not only are we pumped because LC looks effortlessly beautiful in sun-kissed blonde waves, soft eye makeup, glossy lips (done by makeup artist Dimitri James), and the official FNO T-shirt (which you can buy for yourself, and 40 percent of proceeds go to New York City AIDS Fund), but she’s bringing awareness to a GUH-REAT cause, and we looooove that.

Look, even former Hillsie Whitney Port joined in on the PSA! Love those L.A. ladies getting together once again. (P.S.— Um, hi Whit, flawless much? Who looks like this PRE-makeup?)

Lauren Conrad shooting the Fashion’s Night Out PSA.
Photo: Courtesy of Fashion’s Night Out

But this is just the beginning of LC’s FNO festivities—on Sept. 8, you can catch Lauren at Nordstrom at The Grove celebrating the launch of her Paper Crown line! From 6 to 8 p.m. shoppers (aka YOU!) can receive a free one-on-one VIP styling appointment with Ms. Conrad herself and shop the collection firsthand. If you’re not lucky enough to score a personal consultation, there will be a general meet and greet/photo signing with LC from 7 to 8:30 p.m. for anyone who’s purchased items from her Paper Crown line. (OMG WE CAN FINALLY GIVE LC A HUG! *tear* I wonder what she smells like…) We can’t WAIT to see LC’s FNO debut, and perhaps down the road she’ll be doing amazeballs runway shows and will OBVIOUSLY give us front row seats. Right, LC? RIGHT?!! *crosses fingers*

JULY, 2011

Sink Your Teeth Into Great Skincare: Skinn Cosmetics’ Hydrating Mask with Watermelon Extract
by Stevie Wilson

Think of summer and you think of watermelon, corn on the cob as well as sunburnt skin and beach blown hair. It’s part of the summertime ritual of things we deal with– both those that we love and things we don’t love so much. Everyone knows how important it is to take care of your skin during the summer– since heat and humidity leech hydration out of your skin in nothing flat. Who would have thought that watermelon could be as good for your skin as it is for your diet. Did you know that watermelon and help prevent age damage?

Skinn Cosmetics new Wrinkle Soak Age Defying Hydrating Mask uses watermelon extract to hydrate thirsty skin and revitalize sun-ravaged complexions. Watermelon is more than just a refreshing snack. It is packed full of lycopene, a powerful free-radical fighting antioxidant. Other active botanicals, such as arctic heather, blueberry, cranberry and wolfberry extract deliver a potent mix of whole-food antioxidants to reverse the effects of the sun’s rays. Grape extract adds resveratrol to the mix, further increasing the anti-aging qualities of this mask. The result is a deeply hydrated, plump, glowing complexion. Skinn’s Wrinkle Soak Mask is paraben-free, petrochemical-free, and contains no BPA’s or BHT’s . This makes it super great for your skin because it’s pure and natural as that fresh-cut watermelon.

Skinn’s Wrinkle Soak Age Defying Hydrating Mask is $22.50 for 2oz and is available at or via Shop NBC.

Quick Review:
I tried this mask and loved the way it left my skin feeling. If I use it at night, I can leave it on all night of a long drink of hydration. During the day or before I go out, it makes my skin plump up and glow. You definitely want to check this baby out!

AUGUST, 2011

All your lipgloss needs, taken care of here!
by Cindy

First up is the Tint & Shine from Skinn by Dimitri James. One end is a stain and the other is a gloss which I really liked because this product has serious staying power! I put the color Ciao Bella to the test all day yesterday.

The tint was a bright pink, topped with the peachy pink gloss, the color clung to my lips for hours. The other shade I tested, Villa Rosa offered a plummy tint and darker pink gloss. This one is definitely for night as it was more of a dramatic look on me. Girls with darker complexions can pull of both of these for day or night. What was kind of funny was that the plum tint of Villa Rosa looked really good on my cheeks!

I liked both of these and if you are a tint-and-gloss kind of girl, Tint & Shine is worth your time to check out.

AUGUST, 2011

Kim Kardashian Wedding Day Makeup Prediction by Dimitri James

International celebrity makeup artist Dimitri James of Skinn Cosmetics speaks what we are all thinking: Kim Kardashian has truly redefined sexy for her generation. With her fierce curves and signature smokey eyes, she is an undeniable fashion and beauty icon. As her nuptials are fast approaching, James predicts Kim will keep to her smokey eye for the big-day, but surprise us with an elegant edge.

The date is set, the plans are made and the wedding bells are soon to chime. Kim Kardashian has had a whirlwind romance with fiancé Kris Humphries and their wedding is already the talk of the town. Predictions are flooding the news about her gown and her location, but not much has been said about her marriage day makeup. Dimitri James’ lady-like, smokey eye prediction comes with a step-to-step guide to its recreation.

Step 1: Add the Smoke
Cover the lid fully in a smoky grey-brown shadow to lay the foundation. Then add a darker carbon shade to contour the crease and corners of the lid. Take your time to blend in the colors for a fabulous and effortless look.

Step 2: Outline the Eye
Use a shiny black smudgestick liner to outline the eye rim and tear line to make the eye truly pop. Making sure to smudge the black liner creates a dramatic, but not over done look.

Step 3: Emphasize the Brow
Highlight the brow bone with an Ivory tone shadow for insured intensity in your eye look.

Step 4: Long Lashes
Add a full band of lashes to fringe the upper lashes as well as single lash extensions to fill in the lower lash line to achieve full eyelashes you won’t be able to help but bat.

Step 5: Flawless Skin
Copy Kim’s always-flawless coverage with a plasma foundation and cotton & mineral powder. You’ll feel as beautiful as you should on your big day, night out or laidback brunch.

Step 6: Blush & Kiss
Add a soft beige pink blush to give subtle coloring to the cheeks and use a creamy, glossy lip tone to create undeniably kissable lips. When creating an intense eye look, be sure to play down the lips with light pinks or nude colors.

Without a doubt we will all be glued to our TVs to see what angle Kim will take with her wedding day look, but it is safe to say that the smokey eye will be present when the vows are passed.

Dimitri James will be featured on Shop NBC on Friday, September 9 – be sure to tune in!

JULY, 2011

Summer 2011
Hair, Skin, Brow: Beauty Emergency Best Bets

by April MacIntyre

The dead of summer is tough on skin, hair and nails. Get your game plan ready for looking good regardless of your daily activities by investing in some tried and true beauty products that really do the job.

This is the time of year to simplify and keep skin and hair moisturized without weighing it down too much.

We did some heavy lifting and tried out some excellent new products and have put together a tight little list of items you need to check out.

Criteria for our picks in the best of beauty category differ from many mainstream beauty magazines and blogs, in that we look for items that fit the bill for the following checklist: They must really do the job. The grooming products must be paraben-free, cruelty free, preferably American-made and unique in concept and packaging, and they must be reasonably priced.

Monsters and Critics has put these products to the test, and we have come up with our picks for emergency hair skin and sun items you need to check out.

Tried and true, these clever products deliver what they promise and will not let you down. Take us shopping with you.

SKINN Pure Energy Mineral Facial Bath Toner

A refrigerator staple in my house, this unisex spray toner/tonic is a clean smelling, hydrating finisher made for sun-stressed skin. The pale pink tonic is loaded with sea-minerals and botanicals to calm burned or chapped skin, and rehydrates skin quickly.

This spray contains Magnesium, Malachite, and Hematite extracts which SKINN claims activates collagen, energizes tired skin, and neutralize free radicals. Bamboo extract acts as a refining active to smooth and resurface the skin accelerating cell turn over for a more radiant complexion.

Everyone in our house uses it and loves the feel of it. I prefer it to be used on clean skin.

JULY, 2011

Acne and aging skin concerns, products that do double duty
by April MacIntyre

Whether you are struggling with wrinkles AND breakouts, mild to moderate acne can be controlled at any age with some excellent over the counter products.

A specific type of bacteria (propionibacterium acnes) existing in the pore thrives on oil and dead skin cells and can kick in cause the skin to become inflamed. The inflammation and bacteria proliferation result in a pimple.

Whether your are 15 or 50, they totally suck. Skincare today is so targeted and refined, that anyone can have a handy arsenal of fast and packable fixes for maintaining a clean and healthy skin.

Exfoliate the skin’s surface regularly and disinfect the skin to eliminate acne-causing bacteria. Finding the combination that works for you is the goal, and that requires a bit of experimentation.

We spent the last few months testing and using the following items that delivered radiant skin, cleared up blemishes and performed above expectations. Convenient, fast and targeted, these items can be used by teens with problem skin and their moms having mid-life acne issues.

Skinn by Dimitri James Acne treatment Wipes

These were a hit with the teenager of the house. Easy packets of fast acting acne treatment that refreshes and cleans in a snap.

Skinn’s Acne Treatment Wipes are individually stored in packets that keep the acne medication fresh and allow each skin type to use the acne treatment according to their need.

Salicylic acid encourages the shedding of dead skin cells from within the follicle, helping keep the pores clear of debris. In this way, it helps reduce the pore blockages and breakouts on the skin. This is a bonus for campers and school kids to keep handy in backpacks. A sanitary acne product with ingredients that stay active.

No-spill packaging is convenient for on-the-go: quick, easy and discreet.

MARCH, 2011

Personal Best
by Kelley Quan

I get asked all the time about the products I like to use, not just for session work, but ones I use on myself — My personal favorites. So I thought I would take a minute to share some of my daily go-to items. My philosophy has always been a less is more approach. In cosmetic terms, that doesn’t mean I advocate no makeup! On the contrary, for me this means selecting products that do a multiple of things. Let’s say multi-tasking at its best. The following items have found a home in my makeup bag, (which is small, only 5x7x3 ) have many functions and really work, which make achieving any makeup look a snap. Here’s a list of some of my favorite things:

Skinn by Dimitri James Orchid Gel and Hi Def Cotton/Mineral Foundation SPF15: Quite simply these two products are amazing. If you have combination, verging on full blown oily skin like I do, this will keep your skin looking what I like to call velvet matte (that’s blend between Matte and dewy, because who wants to look flat and lifeless?) , all day long. I use the Orchid gel alone if I want a sheer tinted moisturizer look and combine the two when I want a bit more coverage. Whether you use together or not, this primer/foundation combo looks fresh and natural, never overly made up and doesn’t have that typical mineral powder sheen. No need for extra powder or concealer as you can layer this to cover any imperfection you may have. I use a brush when I want to layer it up.

Skinn Dimitri James Smudge Stick in Egyptian Clay and Venus: This chubby smudge stick pencil stays put all day long. Doesn’t budge or fade till you are ready to take it all off.

MARCH, 2011

Second Skinn!
by Hannah Ciallella

Dimitri James is a professional makeup artist whose work has graced the runway and the red carpet as well as national and international television shows and magazines.

The author of Becoming Beauty, Dimitri is also the creator of SKINN Cosmetics, a line of premium skin care formulas and color cosmetics.

Dimitri’s work is frequently featured on the runway in New York and Los Angeles, and in fashion spreads and music videos. You’ve probably even seen his artistry on stars of “The Office,” “Desperate Housewives,” “Sex and the City,” and “CSI.”

Here at GENLUX we’re loving SKINN Cosmetics, not only because Dimitiri knows what we want when it comes to makeup but because he formulates and manufactures all of the products using highly active, concentrated natural ingredients and avoiding excess water, fillers or packaging. He brought SKINN to life so he could offer his red carpet and runway clientele a comprehensive approach to beauty, beginning with intelligent skin care. He now brings the same resources to the rest of us!


Put your best face forward
by Jennifer Geisman
LA Beauty Trends Examiner

Don’t you hate it when your skin is dry and your foundation adheres to every nook and cranny on your face? Dimitri James, founder of Skinn Cosmetics, a premium skin care and color cosmetic line, keeps his celebrity clients’ skin super hydrated during the colder months with these emergency skin rescue tips.

1) Thoroughly cleanse and exfoliate skin. Then fill a clean sink or large bowl with hot-as-you-can-take-it water.

2) Add two tablespoons of sea salt to the water and two tablespoons of glycerin.

3) Splash the skin with this hot sea bath mixture 30 times and you will see even the driest of winter skin look dewy and plumped-up smooth.

4) Add just a drop of rose hips oil to your moisturizer before applying to your face. The essential oil with help moisturize the skin first and allow foundation to be blended in easily.

The same holds true for under the eyes – adding a little rose hips oil to your eye cream will soften those fine dry lines around the eye and prevent concealer from seeping into any crevices. Skinn Cosmetics are available online at or by tuning in to Shop NBC.


Beauty Brighteners: Five Products to Try
by Leah

Feeling overwhelmed with the array of creams, lotions, sprays, washes and gels in 2011? Let your fingers do the walking when it comes to sharpening your upcoming beauty investment. When there’s a slew, it’s heavy on the mind, yet when there’s just a few, choices are clear. We’ve done a bit of the editing to offer select buys …rejoice, since shopping should always be fun.

Blotchy makeup is in full swing during the winter where skin refuses to commit and adhere to makeup. Dimitri James, founder of Skinn Cosmetics, gives observant advice on how to erase the dry patches. “First, exfoliate away those excess dead skin cells that skin produces to protect itself from the cold with DermAppeal Microdermabrasion System ($35). Then, try mixing a drop or two of a natural essential oil like neroli oil or rose hips oil with your favorite moisturizer before you apply it to your face. The extra oil will super-hydrate the skin and help offset winter dryness, and your bronzer and blush will adhere better and last longer.”


Hollywood Trender: Skin care fast fixes that work, from serums to sun
by April MacIntyre

Talking to makeup artists on TV sets is part of my job. Over the years I have interviewed many members of the Local 705 MAHS makeup and hair stylists union, and they hip me to the good stuff for skin treatments, makeup and hair product.

For specific skincare fixes, the following is a hot list of go-to product that famous faces are using, and items I got to try first-hand and found to be effective:

SKINN DermAppeal® Microdermabrasion Treatment
If there is one product anyone out there is looking for to make an immediate change in the skin, meet your new best friend. Mint fragrant and cooling, this high powered dermabrasion treatment will make your skin look unbelievable and is the most fought over item currently in my home.

The pale aqua scrub is aluminum oxide free and loaded with naturally occurring minerals from the Dead Sea that replicate a professional microdermabrasion treatment in your own home. Use once or twice a week (do not overuse) for a pore less, fabulous clean face. Your serums and moisturizers will work better too afterwards.

SKINN Orchid Gel Mattefying Day Treatment
Purple haze love for the oil slicksters; this shine control dry gel is trippy feeling, and it works. Skinn’s Orchid Gel Mattefying Day Treatment Seal will seal moisture and treatments in your skin all day long.

Orchid Gel will keep your foundation from breaking up and separating on the skin. If you need a no-shine, under-makeup anchor, this is your baby. You can even apply it over foundation to mattify and perfect in a pinch. Weightless, dry feeling and a dab will do, do not overuse.


Consolidate That Makeup Bag!
by Anna De Souza

Hey, you know we’re guilty of carrying full-sized foundation bottles, compacts, lipsticks and brushes for application in a bulging, disaster-is-imminent, cosmetic tote. But why? Check out our picks for slimming down your beauty product pouch. You’re welcome! Your shoulder will be thanking you…

Though these Skinn Smudge Sticks ($15) were initially fashioned for eyes and lips, they are so creamy and generously pigmented, we recommend Venus as a bronzer and Plum Dandy as a gorgeous cheek color.

JUNE, 2010

POSHGLAM’s Father’s Day Gift Guide
by Samantha

It’s that time of the year again, Father’s Day. I personally love it because it gives us the opportunity to showcase so many amazing men’s products. And, let’s be real, shopping for guys can always be a bit more difficult, so here is a little guide to make your shopping this coming week just a bit easier. Show your dad just how much you love him this year with some of these goodies.

Sick of dad’s course hairs on his face. Give him a little help with Skinn’s DermAppeal Microdermabrasian Treatment. It is used as a scrub 2-4 times a week, and will clean pores and reduce lines. It’s perfect to use before shaving to get rid of any of those awful ingrown hairs. DermAppeal retails for $35 at Skinn.

JUNE, 2010

Getting Kissable Lips Like Celebs
by Meieli Sawyer Detoni

Reviewing Skinn 3X Volumizing Serum
I recently set up a LimeLife lip plumper review, but there was one product that I thought deserved a post of its own. Not a gloss, not a lipstick, and not a weird plumping contraption, Skinn 3X’s serum is in a class of its own.

To be honest, I liked this product more for its moisturizing qualities than for its plumping abilities, but I say that because the moisture level was really that good.

I wouldn’t lie about a lip product, because I take this stuff seriously. I recently sent out a call for products in a nationwide hunt, and a few of them won’t make the cut… and I will tell you why when we do the product round-up in the follow-up post. But Skinn 3X’s serum is still sitting by my laptop–and I brought it all the way to Brazil with me! Here’s why.

I have a problem with dry, cracked lips. They get flaky, and I have to exfoliate daily. When I’m at home, I usually fiddle with my lips and try to get them smooth by peeling off the dry stuff. It’s like nail biting–I can’t help it! This particular Volumizing Serum actually stops the flaking completely, and does not need to be reapplied. It just “settles” all of the dry skin. If you use it at night, your lips will be softer than anything in the morning. If you use it during the day, it will leave your lips slick after it dries.

According to the website, the product uses super peptide Palmitoyl Oligopeptide (MaxiLip), which is used to plump the lips. I think it might also be responsible for calming my persistent dryness, but I don’t have proof. All I know is that this stuff works, and it works well. As for the plumping, that happens gradually over time. I can see a difference in the general fullness, without the sting that you get from other products.

If you have “lip issues” like me, Skinn 3X is $29.50 and is so worth it. The 15ml bottle will last you about 5 or 6 months, and I will be getting some to give as gifts, too.