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Bringing Beauty to the World

We always get such great news from our happy customers, we feel so overwhelmed with the love from you all. We enjoy your comments so much we are giving them their own page here on  Keep ‘em coming!  To do so, you can head on over to the Contact Us page or leave a comment on the Behind the Brush Blog.

Here’s what you guys have to say:

“Dimitri, when I think of you and your Skinn line, the word ‘trust’ envelopes me. Two things you have personally accomplished for me: First, I am no longer a roaming lunatic in the aisles of drug stores looking at the latest and greatest promises of miracles. I can bypass ALL advertisements in fashion magazines knowing that NOTHING comes close to your tested and true product line. It is liberation in the truest sense. Second, I have NEVER considered walking out the door without makeup since I was 18 and now at 43, I do! Your products are glorious! THANK YOU from the bottom of my epidermis!!!”
Tracy W.

“I love, love, love your products! I have used the Lip 3X Lip Volumizing Serum since December 2009 and it has given me some of the firmness above my upper lip back. Having thin lips anyway, I don’t have voluminous lips, but they are a normal size now.”
Judi S.

“I love the Body Balm Extreme and all of your other products. It looks like a mini Skinn store in my closet. I’ve been using Skinn for six years now and I hope to continue using it till the end of time!”
Laura E.

“I got the Cotton & Mineral Foundation Set again even though I still have some from the last two times I ordered it. You’re right Dimitri, it stays on all day, even after biking!”
Marilyn L.

“I have gotten so many compliments on my skin from using your Orchid Gel. I love it and want to try all your products. I have never, ever been this excited about a skin care line. I have tried many high end products—none have worked as well as your products!”
Deborah B.

“I love the cotton mineral makeup. I’ve tried numerous other mineral makeups and always got the dry caked on powder look. I use the Orchid Gel and then layer the two colors of foundation and I look like I have great makeup. I’ve even had compliments on my makeup since I started using it! That’s never happened before! I’m an EMT/Firefighter and I love how this makeup does not rub off, sweat off, etc. when I’m on duty. No more makeup streaks down my face.”
Shanna D.

“Your products are awesome! Just after two days of use, I can completely tell the difference in my SKINN. Incredible! The makeup is wonderful too! Thanks for creating something that actually works and makes us women feel and look beautiful.”
Katie R.

“My Collagenesis is doing great things in just four days. The Overnight Pore Reducing Serum arrived yesterday and after one use, this morning my pores appear to be half the size. I am so excited to finally be able to address skin issues that I had long ago accepted as irreparable, like wrinkles, old acne scarring and enlarged pores. Thank you Dimitri for all your kept promises.”
Merrilie P.

“I love the day and night cream and the serums that came with it. The consistency is wonderful and it’s the only product I have not broken out with. I have very sensitive skin and I can’t stop telling everyone about your product line. I get complimented on my skin almost everywhere…really!!”
Donna C.

“The Hydro-Surge serum works great with the other products in the kit, but it also works wonders on its own! It’s a workhorse that makes my other serums work even better. It helps with the dry areas.”
Carol S.

“The Skinn-Sonic system with the amazing look in love mask and the cleansers are heavenly because they make your skin feel truly renewed, soft and fresh. The Hand Restore is the best hand cream ever!! It has a great consistency.”
Claudia N.

“I absolutely love the Reorganize Night Eye Balm and the Crease Release. They absolutely diminished all the wrinkles I have in the upper eyelid area. Love, love, love them!!!!”
Kathy S.

“Your DermAppeal Microdermabrasion is possibly the greatest thing since sliced bread! I would pay $100 dollars a jar. My face has never been smoother. It’s my new best friend.”
Jody A.

“You made my day today on Shop NBC! Bought your special value and have all your other products! I have been using all your products since last July and have never looked back!”
Adeleen J.